About Pearl Optical

Company Profile

History- Since 1975
Mr Koh Wan Nee is the founder of the Pearl’s Optical Co Pte Ltd. He is an optician with 50 over years of experience. He started selling sunglasses in the back lane of Jalan Berseh when he was a teenager. And from this humble beginning, he started the company in 1975 when he bought a shop unit in People’s Park Center. He also obtained his full registration from (Optician, with Dispensing and Refraction) Ministry of Health when the profession was regulated in 2008.

Mr Koh Wan Nee, founder of Pearl’s Optical Co. Pte Ltd

Pearl’s Optical Today

Today, Pearl’s Optical has grown from 1 shop to 4 shop units in Peoples Park Center.

With the help of his son, Dr Koh Liang Hwee (BSc Hons, Optometry (UK), PhD (UK), an optometrist, Pearl’s Optical has transformed from an optical retail shop to a fully equipped optometric practice . It is a fully equipped optometric practice in Singapore and all its clients will be screened for common ocular diseases when the optometrists examine the eyes for spectacles and contact lenses.

Team consisting of:


Dr Koh Liang Hwee, Bsc (Hons) Optometry (UK) PhD(UK)  

Gong Yingrui, Diploma Of Optometry

Stephanie Ang Li Fang, Diploma In Optometry

Jocelyn Tan, Diploma of Optometry

Sarah Ng Wan Ning, Diploma of Optometry

Zoe Tay, Diploma Of Optometry


Optician (Refraction and Dispensing)

Estela Quinto Etrata, Doctor Of Optometry (Philippines) 

Filipina Anglo Diquit

Koh Liang Choo

Koh Liang Wee

Koh Wan Nee