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About Pearl Optical

Company Profile

History- Since 1975

Mr Koh  Wan Nee is the founder of the Pearl’s Optical Co Pte Ltd.  He is an optician with 50 over years of experience.  He started selling  sunglasses  in the back lane of Jalan Berseh when he was a teenager.  And from this humble beginning, he started the company in 1975 when he bought a shop unit in People’s Park Center.  He also obtained his full registration from  (Optician, with Dispensing and Refraction) Ministry of Health when the profession was regulated in 2008.

Mr Koh Wan Nee, founder of Pearl’s Optical Co. Pte Ltd

Pearl’s Optical Today

Today, Pearl’s Optical has grown from 1 shop to 4 shop units in Peoples Park Center. 

With the help of his son, Dr Koh Liang Hwee  (BSc Hons, Optometry (UK), PhD (UK), an optometrist, Pearl’s Optical has transformed from an optical retail shop to a fully equipped optometric practice .  It is a fully equipped optometric practice in Singapore and all its clients will be screened for common ocular diseases when the optometrists examine the eyes for spectacles and contact lenses.

Fully Equipped

The practice is equipped with:

1. Topcon Triton Swept Source Optical Coherence Typography. Effective in screening for retinal diseases and glaucoma.  Has the function of OCT Angiography, which scan the blood flow of the retina.  A non invasive way of screening for wet age related macular degeneration, choroidal neovascularization.   

An OCT Angiography scan showing new blood vessel in the outer retina layer.

Anterior OCT Scan of the anterior chamber area, indicating very narrow anterior chamber angle. A risk factor in narrow angle closure glaucoma.

A normal OCT scan of the retina.

2. Optos, Ultra Wide field retinal camera.

Can scan up to 200 degree of the retina, without any need of dilating eye drops.   Very effective in picking up diabtetic retinopathy and peripheral retinal diseases. 

3. Topcon digital slit lamp – To check the anterior part of the eyes.  Mandatory for prescribing contact lenses.

4. Non Contact Tonometer – To check the intra-ocular pressure of the eye.
  Part of glaucoma screening.

5. Auto-refractor/Keratometer – Estimate the refractor errors and measure the curvature of the eyes.

6. Zeiss Humphrey Automatic Perimeter: To plot the visual field of the eye. For glaucoma screening and management.

Medmont Corneal Typographer.  For advance contact lens fitting (eg. Ortho K) and diagnosing cornea diseases like keratoconus.  

7. Huvitz multi-function Autorefractor which can  show presence of cataract, measure tear break out time  and, meibomain gland integrity (affect dryness) .

Express Service Available –  less than 1 hour collection

With our own in house laboratory, we can give our customers  express service.  If the prescription is a single vision lens, we most probably can get your spectacle within an hour at no extra charge.

Wide Range of Contact Lenses in Stock

We also had in stock a wide range of disposable contact lenses.  (Monthly Disposable , 2 weekly disposable and daily disposable of major brands are available) Most likely our customers can collect the contact lenses (Non Toric)  on the spot after an eye examination by our optometrists.

Fully Qualified Staff- Registered with Optometrists and Opticians Board, Ministry of Health (Singapore)

Our customers eyes will only be examined by optometrists.   The opticians helped the customers in choosing the frames, recommending the type of lenses and adjust the frames to sit comfortably on our customers’ faces.


  • Dr Koh Liang Hwee , BSc (Hons) Optometry, PhD (UK)
  • Ms Chong Ning Zhen, Dip Optometry (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
  • Ms Trina Ho, Dip Optometry (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
  • Ms Fiona Ho, Dip Optometry (Singapore Polytechnic)
  • Ms Ang Shi Hui, Dip Optometry (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
  • Ms Heng Xin Ting, Dip Optometry (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)

Opticians( Dispensing and Refraction)

  • Mr Koh Wan Nee
  • Mr Koh Liang Wee
  • Ms Koh Liang Choo
  • Ms Estela Etrata
  • Ms Filipina Anglo Diquit

Opticians (Dispensing)

  • Mr Kwong Say Hoo

Profile of Dr Koh Liang Hwee BSc Hons, Optometry, Phd (Uk)

Dr Koh Liang Hwee graduated from University of Bradford (UK) in 1994 with a 1st class honors in Optometry.  Immediately after his 1st degree, he went to pursue his postgraduate studies at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) now known as University of Manchester.  He graduated with a PhD in 1997 and his area of research was on ocular accommodation.

After his optometric education in UK, he returned to Singapore and worked in Pearl’s Optical .  He was once a part time lecturer at the Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Optometry and was the Chairman of the Advisory Panel for 3 terms.
He was also active in presenting scientific papers in both local and overseas scientific conferences.  The latest conference that he had presented was the 19th Asia Pacific Optometric Congress held in Korea in October 2013.  There he shared how his practice had picked up ocular diseases by using the 3D Optical Coherence Tomography instrument.

Dr Koh is very passionate in his work as an optometrist. His work mission is “to help others to see clearly and comfortably; and to prevent blindness  by picking up common eye diseases early so that patients are referred for treatment ”.  He constantly strives to upgrade Pearl’s Optical by investing in the latest diagnostic  instruments.  so that he and his optometrists can give the clients the most comprehensive and cost effective eye examinations. 

From  the last 10 years, Dr Koh is  actively involved in the Singapore Optometric Association and together with like minded optometrists, they strive to improve the professionalism and increase the clinical job scope of optometrists in Singapore.